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Hilltop home and hearth slideshow

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Steve Nemirow and Julie O'Toole designed a hilltop home that incorporates their love of books, gardening, art and cooking. See our beautiful slideshow below.
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A wind turbine helps the energy efficiency of the Bald Peak home of Julie O'Toole and Steve Nemirow.
Commanding views are framed by large windows.
Steve's art studio is flooded with natural light.
Steve began painting 12 years ago.
The great room's window was designed to frame views of Mount Hood.
The 316-square-foot library is one of Julie's favorite spots.
Personal objects sit atop the desk in the library.
The second kitchen is used to cook Chinese food.
Julie and her daughter, Sheila Scrobogna cook together in the Chinese kitchen.
The many ingredients that go into Chinese cooking..
Daughter Sheila with her husband and son in a bedroom designed just for kids.
A bedroom designed perfectly for a grandson.
Scott gives Cleo a good scrub in the specially designed area.
Julie and grandson Daniel take a walk through the garden.
Julie shows Daniel some of her garden's bounty.
The contemporary home is perfectly sited for views and sun exposure.
The perfect place to relax and enjoy a view of Mount Hood.
A wind turbine helps the energy efficiency of the Bald Peak home of Julie O'Toole and Steve Nemirow.PHOTO LINCOLN BARBOUR

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