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  • Home Design for the Future
    I saw this house on tour and it is amazing and so energy efficient. The realtor told me that his next project is a custom build for someone in Sellwoo...
  • It's Tulip Time!
    Thank you Kathia! Yes, I've planted many times in icky weather, but it's such a good feeling of accomplishment after all the bulbs are in.
  • It's Tulip Time!
    Love your latest post on tulips! They are my husband's favorite flower, probably because he spent 12 years living in Holland. We purchase ours from a ...
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Modern take

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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Handmade Hub

Beginning in 1999 in Olympia, Wash., the four-person team of Buy Olympia sought to fill a need for an online store to sell handmade goods made by their friends. Now the quartet operates out of Portland, curating a massive online site of goods from artists local and distant, such as Heidi Hopfer and the Black Apple, as well as more than 50 other artists. Stop by their brick-and-mortar shop/gallery Land in Portland, or peruse art prints, clothing and music from the comfort of your own home by shopping online. Buying local without having to change out of pajamas? Yes, please! E.H.

Prices vary; 3925 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland;


Metal and lace

Opposites attract. Sturdy metal appears as delicate as lace in this eye-catching piece by Arktura. Available in three lengths, it serves as a bench or low table. V.M.

$1,795 starting; Retail Studio, 404 NW 10th St., Portland;

Metal and light

Hood River sculpture artist C.J. Rench transforms metal into quirky large-scale art for outdoor spaces. Transform your own outdoor space with his Fire Chimney available from Cannon Beach’s Dragonfire Gallery. The poetically inscribed sculpture doubles as a usable fireplace to enjoy a campfire on your deck. Marshmallows not included. E.H.

$1,600,; more work at