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Winter trends

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Written by Vivian McInerny   
Monday, November 12, 2012

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Stuff it

Rooms, like whiskey, are best neat.

The right storage, shelves, boxes, baskets and organizational doohickeys make it easy to be tidy.

Dodd and Nancy Fischer established Storables in Portland 31 years ago. The idea of selling stuff to store stuff may seem odd. But with five locations in Oregon, Washington and California, it’s obvious they’re on to something. The store offers everything from wine racks, shoe shelves and storage benches to custom closet systems. It carries big boxes for storing bulky blankets and small divided boxes to keep crafting beads. There are natural woven-wicker baskets and sleek chrome ones. There are myriad gadgets for keeping boot shafts upright and neckties, scarves and belts hung straight, and containers to hold just about everything you can think of and some things you’ve never considered before.

“Because we’re smaller, people think we must be more expensive,” says Portland Storables vice president Jeremy Hawkins. “Not true.”

That has proven important to customers who want to support local businesses but can’t afford to spend more doing it. Storables works with manufacturers to create products exclusive to the store, including commercial-grade metal shelving, wine racks, and bamboo shelves.

So pack up your troubles — and anything else lying around. V.M.

Bamboo three-tier shelf unit, $40; clear plastic storage boxes, $2.50-$20;

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